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Welcome to Preston Community Association
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If you are a member of the association and have not registered on the website, we strongly encourage you to do so.  The members-only section contains board meeting minutes, financials and other sensitive information.   Also by registering your email we can contact you quickly and easily with little to no expense. 
   Preston Community Association News   
Preston Community Association Announcements 2/5/2016
Posted on Feb 5th, 2016 Comments (0)
Preston Community Association Announcements from your HOA manager and Board of Directors, 2/5/2016:
The Month of February is starting out feeling more like Spring than Winter, but the Association wanted to remind those who still have Christmas holiday decorations up that they have to be removed. Courtesy notices will be sent to addresses that have holiday decorations, so if you usually use your back door but perhaps decorated your front door for the holidays, you might want to make a quick check for anything still in view.
Neighborhood Watch: Your Preston Community Neighborhood Watch is in need of a coordinator who can keep communication flowing between the Association’s numerous neighborhoods and volunteers, as well as lead the charge in generating more volunteer interest throughout the PCA community. For more information, please contact your PCA Manager at
Community Safety Meeting:
Please mark your calendar for Sunday, March 13th from 4-6pm for a special Preston Community Watch Meeting at Prestonwood Country Club, 300 Prestonwood Parkway, Cary NC 27513. 
Please share this meeting with your neighbors and plan to attend.  Please keep an eye out for e-mail blasts and news updates on the PCA website: . If you are a PCA member and are not yet registered for PCA e-blasts, please register via the PCA website.
Road Closure starting Feb 8th:  If you live near or travel through Preston Community near Crabtree Crossing and Morrisville Parkway, please note that According to the NCDOT, Morrisville Parkway will be closed between Crabtree Crossing and Bristol Creek for about six months beginning February 8th. More information is available at
Garbage / Landscaping Debris at curbside: Trash, recycling, and yard waste should be set out for pickup no sooner than 24 hours in advance. Also, per the updated Arc guidelines for 2016, containers from curbside pickup need to be removed from the curb and returned to storage (not visible from the street) no later than by 7am the following day.
Woodpiles: Woodpiles are allowed in Preston Community, but they should not be seen from the street and they must not be stacked or stored immediately adjacent to any portion of the house. If you have a woodpile in view from the street, please move it to a less conspicuous location on your lot.
Morrisville Parkway Closure Starting February 8th
Posted on Jan 25th, 2016
According to the NCDOT, Morrisville Parkway will be closed between Crabtree Crossing and Bristol Creek for about six months beginning February 8th.
Details of the project are listed below:
First:   The contractor will construct the last section of the RR tracks on the west side of the bridge.  Because of this, the road from Crabtree Crossing Parkway to Bristol Creek will be closed. Businesses between Crabtree Crossing and Bristol Creek will have access via Bristol Creek .
Finally:  Morrisville Parkway will continue to be closed, but business will be accessed by traveling on Morrisville Parkway beyond Crabtree Crossing (this will be the only traffic allowed through the area). During this time, the remainder of the roadwork between the business driveways and Bristol Creek will be completed.
PCA will continue to keep you informed of any communication from the NCDOT.  If you have any questions or comments about this project, please contact Maira Ibarra of NCDOT. Her contact information is below.
Maira A. Ibarra 
Assistant Resident Engineer
Aviation Resident’s Office
919 840 0914  office email
9628 Lumley Road
Morrisville, NC 27560
New 2016 PCA Board Meeting Location
Posted on Dec 29th, 2015 Comments (0)
Dear Preston Community Association members,
It was announced on this website last month that the PCA Board would be conducting meetings in a new location as of their January 21st, 2016 Regular meeting.
The new meeting location will be the Life Experiences Building, located at 260 Towerview Court in Cary.
Directions: From NW Cary Parkway and High House, proceed NW on Cary Parkway toward Chapel Hill Road. Turn right on James Jackson Ave, then left on Towerview. Go to almost the end of the road and it will be a large building on the right.
For more information, please contact Pati Barrow, PCA Community Manager, at
Preston Community Association Board of Directors - 2015-2016 Officers
Posted on Dec 29th, 2015 Comments (0)
Preston Community Association Board of Directors elected officers at its December 17th 2015 Regular meeting. 
President: Alan Knuckles
Vice President: Vincent Thai
Secretary: William Rave
Treasurer: Walt Sliva
Standing committee chairs were also elected at the meeting. Information is available in the PCA members only section under 'Board Members & Meetings."
If you are a homeowner within Preston Community Association and are not yet registered for access, please do so by using the link at the top of the homepage.
PCA homeowners registered on the site have one-stop access to important information about the community; can choose e-mail / U.S. Mail preferences for legal notices; can directly upload Arc applications; and can access their homeowner account through 'My Caliber' (separate access registration required).
For more information, please contact your PCA community manager at
PCA Board Election results
Posted on Dec 8th, 2015 Comments (0)
Last Month's annual Membership Meeting elections results:
Your 2016 Directors:
Walt Sliva (new Director)
Ron Woodard (elected to second term)
Vince Thai (elected to second term)
Alan Knuckles
Joe Cable
Bill Rave
Carolyn Waff
Contact information for your Board is available on the PCA website in the 'Members' section.
Sprucing up Your Landscaping? You'll Want to read This
Posted on Oct 29th, 2015 Comments (0)
Autumn is lovely, especially with the changing of the leaves in Preston Community.
What is not so lovely is when they fall - especially if you do not know what your Town's guidelines are for leaf collection.
PCA follows the local ordinances regarding leaves, so please be sure to read the attached links to your community (Cary / Morrisville). This is especially important, as while Town of Cary has a curbside loose leaf collection (which does not start until November 9th, 2015); Morrisville does not have such a program yet in place. 
Also, while this might also be a good time to spruce up the yard and perhaps remove a few trees, there is a reason Preston Community Association asks you to submit an ARC application for tree removal - your local ordinance might require you obtain a permit to remove trees from your property. The Town fines could be hefty for that, so why not check ahead of time and save the hassle of a letter from your local Town compliance officer?
If you have any questions, please contact your HOA manager at
Google Fiber in Preston Community Association
Posted on Oct 16th, 2015 Comments (0)
Its likely you've seen Google Fiber being installed along some of the city rights-of-way in Preston Community over the last 2 months. Most likely what you've seen as been as a result of Google Fiber having agreements with local municipalities.
Within other areas of Preston Community Association, the Association had to enter into an agreement for Google Fiber to be installed. Homeowners can log in and view this agreement in the homeowner section of this website.
If you have questions about Google Fiber, their company welcomes hearing from you and has provided the following contact information:
Construction phone line: 877-454-6959
Customer support line: 866-777-7550
Email or chat:
A definitive timeline for installation from Google has not yet been provided to PCA, but once one has been received, we'll post to this site for your information.
Playground Grand Opening a Fun and Successful Event!
Posted on Sep 29th, 2015 Comments (0)
Rain on Saturday caused the Grand Opening of the PCA playground to be postponed until the following afternoon.
Light rain even stuck around for a majority of Sunday, but that didn't dampen the spirits of the many residents who came to see the improvements made over the summer to the community's playground on Creek Park drive.
It certainly helped that the weather broke clear for most of the 2 hours of celebration Sunday afternoon. While break in the rain lifted spirits, Mother Nature also had some assistance in the good will department  -  no matter what their age, attendees got to channel their inner child and enjoy the ice cream truck with its variety of goodies.
Many parents who attended were excited about the park and the kids were happy to play not only on the new play structure which features multiple slides, but also to swing on the new swing set. All one needed to do was see the expressions on the kids faces to know the neighborhood has been enhanced in a very positive way.
While the official opening is now a part of the past; the opportunity for fun will last for years into the future.
From Town of Cary Police Department: Residential Burglaries
Posted on Sep 28th, 2015 Comments (0)
The Town of Cary is seeking your help in solving a series of residential burglaries. These crimes can occur anytime, but recent burglaries have been occurring during the late afternoon and evening hours. The suspect(s) are gaining entry by means of force through rear and side entry doors. Thefts from these locations have included items such as currency, jewelry, and firearms. A white or silver 4 door vehicle was seen in the area of one of the burglaries but be on the lookout for any vehicle that appears suspicious.
To help prevent these types of crimes, please report ANY suspicious or unfamiliar vehicles or pedestrians in the area, especially during afternoon and evening hours. 
Burglary Prevention Tips:
Lock all doors and windows
Activate the alarm system, if applicable
Use a keyed deadbolt
Make sure valuables are not visible from the street
Work together with your neighbors to watch out for one another; start a community watch group
Update emergency contact information in case needed.
Schedule a home security survey
Report all suspicious vehicles and activity in your neighborhood, to include solicitors (for an emergency call 911/non-emergency call 919-469-4012).
If you have information about a crime, please contact the Town of Cary Police Department at (919) 469-4012 or Cary Crime Stoppers at (919) 226-2746 (press 3).
Home Break-in / Burgulary In Preston Ponds
Posted on Sep 23rd, 2015 Comments (0)
Dear Preston Community Association residents:

Last night, 9.22.15, there was a burglary at approx. 9PM in Preston Ponds .

The homeowner was returning home with his children, made a left into his driveway, opened the garage door and saw a person in his garage with red sneakers who ran into house and presumably out the back door. No one at home prior to homeowner arrival.

Homeowner noticed a Silver Acura TL at the nearby stop sign. The Silver Acura TL turned right on Creek Park made a U turn came back and presumably picked up the one who broke into the home. The police dog lost the scent near Bridle Creek and Creek Park. Nearby neighbors called 911 and Police responded within minutes. The burglars had been in the house and went through drawers in the master bedroom. Police took finger prints.

Apparently the burglars gained entrance by breaking into the garage via a side door which was kicked in which triggered the home security alarm. That is all that is known now. 
Please see the enclosed sample photos of an Acura TL , as we do not know the year or have the license plate:

 Considering the distraction caused by the number of contractors in the area as well as many other reasons that cars drive through Preston, please make a note to secure your home as best you can. Also remember that the Police from Cary and Morrisville offer free security evaluations of your home (by appointment).

Crime Prevention Assessments: The Police Department offers crime prevention assessments to Town of Cary residents and businesses at no cost.  These assessments provide crime prevention tips and recommendations on how to remedy possible security vulnerabilities.  If interested, contact Town of Cary's Community Services Officer at (919) 469-4324 and a Crime Prevention Specialist will visit your home or business to conduct this assessment.

Morrisville residents can request a home safety evaluation from Town of Morrisville police by filling out the form at the Town of Morrisville link below :
Preston Community Association also has a Neighborhood Watch program. This is an excellent opportunity for neighbors to look out for one another. For more information please contact your PCA Vice President, Vince Thai, at:

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